Honoring and Empowering the Motherhood Journey

How would you like to be supported?


As a Pre & Perinatal Practitioner and Healer, I help babies to come safely into the world. I support mommas & mommas to be before, during, and after pregnancy.

Welcome, my Friend!

I’m so glad you've found your way here.  My calling is to work with women on their motherhood journeys. The power and strength we share as women will be at the heart of all the work we do together.  As a pre and perinatal educator, I help you tap into your innate wisdom to connect with your body and your babe. Our birth stories matter. Let's understand yours and create a beautiful story moving forward with optimal outcomes for moms and babes.

Aspiring Mommas

The journey towards motherhood can be full of unspoken ups and downs — overwhelming tears of joy and tears of sorrow can sometimes accompany this unexpected time. There is much to unpack as you cross the threshold from maiden to momma. My heart's joy is to support you in this journey.


Supporting mommas, means that we are also supporting babies. I adore supporting mommas — leading up to childbirth. If you are looking for an empowered way forward in your journey this is the space for you. Pregnancy and birth are not a one size fits all. Transformation unfolds in a myriad of ways.


The time period following birth can be full of a myriad of emotions, sensations and new experiences. Perhaps you experienced moments of ecstasy as well as moments where birth didn't go as planned. In our time together, we work to bring coherence to you and your little one.

What I Offer

My services are based strongly on prenatal and perinatal psychology, and the revolutionary belief that our birth stories profoundly impact our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being throughout life.

I work with women from all backgrounds and in all stages of life. You don’t need to be pregnant or have children to benefit from this incredible work. What occurs before and during birth impacts not only our lives but future generations as well.

I empower women through the transformational thresholds of life as a:






Birth Practitioner





Organizations: I offer educational seminars and inspirational workshops tailored to fit your group’s needs.