Book: Ode to Love: A Journey of Awakening

Ode to Love: A Journey of Awakening by Sarah L. Dickey is a prose poem accompanied by an array of images that inspire readers to view their inner and outer worlds with awe and wonder.
Each page of this 146-page book becomes an invitation to live from a space of courage and creativity.
It reaches into our dreams, touches our sorrows, and rides the waves of happiness in our lives.
From the moment you open the book you are whisked away to a place of inspiration, to a place of deep remembering. Ode to Love is a glorious invitation to remember that we all have the capacity to walk through our lives with love, wonder and curiosity.
“One picture can tell a story of a thousand words. “Ode to Love” is full of masterful and emotional photography that paints the picture of a world filled with love and beauty. I usually believe the old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but in this case judge away, because the cover perfectly conveys the simplicity and beauty of the book’s contents. That’s why it will be proudly displayed on my coffee table.” — Sean Donovan, writer & author coach


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