Companion, Educator, Heart Sister

"I reached out to Sarah during my first pregnancy, when I was having fear of childbirth. We had a 90-minute session that incorporated heart centered hypnosis, where I was able to meaningfully explore a traumatic medical incident from my childhood. Sarah was gentle, encouraging and empathetic. Our session was unlike anything I'd ever experienced, and I felt comfortable to push myself and deeply examine the fears that have been building over the years. It was an emotional and impactful session, and I felt not only a connection to Sarah (even through Zoom), but I also felt like I confronted my fears and emerged with a strong grip on how to deal with them. I think about the experience often, and I tapped into some of her wisdom during childbirth, which brought me great comfort. I got so much from our conversation, and I would welcome a chance to work with her again." 
-Anne A.

Hi friend!



You've come here for a reason today. You need something and maybe have no idea what it is. You're lost and found at the same time. You're happy and sad. You're a mix of power and defeat. You are an evolving woman, and I am here to help honor and empower your motherhood journey.

A motherhood journey might take us through long years of aspiring to be a mother, struggles with how our own births affect our lives, difficult pregnancies, questions about what our babes need from many points of decision and confusion. None of us are meant to take this journey alone.

I believe in life-changing and life-giving therapeutic journeys. I have experienced sacred spaces and guides who have allowed me to gather up pieces of myself, to show up for myself, and to emerge with a deeper and wiser knowing of myself. Now, I want to help other women experience the same.

So, I humbly offer you my experience and study as steppingstones to gently guide you through your motherhood journey and beyond.

Holding space for you,



My Specialties: Pre & Perinatal Support, Birth Psychology, SSP Practitioner (Safe & Sound Protocol), IVF & Pregnancy Loss, Personal Transformation Sessions, Grief, Birth Imprints, Personal Birth Empowerment Sessions, Calm Birth Meditation for Pregnancy & Childbirth Support, Advanced Heart Centered Hypnosis, Educational Seminars, and Workshops.


"After years of infertility and heartache, I met with Sarah to find some answers from within. Sarah’s work helped soothe my soul and initiated healing for us as a couple. It changed my outlook and helped us successfully conceive through IVF. We are ever so grateful!!" K & B


My Credentials

Professional Trainings & Education:


Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Colour Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor Badge Logo

Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor


Calm Birth Teacher

The Embryo in Us~Humans as Embryo

25-hour training with Jaap van der Wal, MD, PhD

See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and their Family

9-hour Training with Michael Trout, MA & Mary Koloroutis, MSN & RN

The Teachings of Ray Castellino: Dropping Into Prenatal & Perinatal Implicit Memory with Ease-

14-hour online training with Ray Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, BCPP

Inner Child Process- for Health Practitioners

12 hour online training with Robin Grille, BA

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator (PPNE)

recognition as an approved APPPAH educator-113 hours- 1 year training

Trained DONA Doula

pursuing full certification through DONA

Childbirth Educator

pursuing full certification through CAPPA


SSP (Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner)

The Matrona Certified Holistic Doula

30- hour training