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Masters of Education, Published Author, PPNE, Childbirth Educator, Calm Birth Meditation Teacher, Grief Recovery Specialist, 200hr. YTT, Transpersonal Coach, Ohio Wedding Officiant, Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotist  

Hi friends.


I’m an Earthy Capricorn Woman who deeply loves spirituality, curiosity, children, books, nature, rituals, astrology, wonder, and a good cuppa coffee.  My heart has been passionately seeking a way to share my love and light in the world.  I have traversed many landscapes and each one has indirectly brought me to the work of Prenatal & Perinatal Somatic Psychology. I want to share a little of my history with you in the hope that you will better understand my passion and drive for this work in the world.

At first, I had no idea the far-reaching impact this work would have on my adult life.  I was also a bit skeptical.  I mean, we don’t talk about consciousness at birth or even before birth. It seemed like a very foreign concept. It had always been regarded as a one-time event -  door closed, chapter ended.

That is, until I had a Transpersonal Coaching class about the importance of birth with Dr. William Emerson (a pioneer in the field, it’s kind of like meeting the Aretha Franklin of the birth world). In this course, we traversed the implications of our own birth stories.  We were encouraged to unearth our conception and birth story.  And this is where it all began, my friends.  The spark was ignited in my heart and I began my journey towards understanding my own birth story and helping others to make sense of their own.

I discovered that the sense of “overwhelm” that had always been with me originated from a birth imprint. My mother was given Pitocin, which sped up her contractions so that she could no longer maintain her connection with me during these surges. Pitocin was an artificial interruption which produced an implicit affect in the relational field. And so, my friends, when “overwhelm” creeps in, I can now pull myself back into the present moment and say to myself, “Oh yes, that memory is part of my history.  I am safe now.  It is safe to be in my body.”  (I learned these techniques from one of my dear teachers, Ray Castellino, during a Womb Surround).

I’m grateful that you are here, friends, and I hope that you will reach out if this work speaks to you.

This work has woken me up. It has created a reservoir of awareness within me. It has grown my mental curiosity for how I can share this work in a larger way in the world.


My Credentials

Professional Trainings & Education:


Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Colour Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor Badge Logo

Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor


Calm Birth Teacher

The Embryo in Us~Humans as Embryo

25-hour training with Jaap van der Wal, MD, PhD

See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and their Family

9-hour Training with Michael Trout, MA & Mary Koloroutis, MSN & RN

The Teachings of Ray Castellino: Dropping Into Prenatal & Perinatal Implicit Memory with Ease-

14-hour online training with Ray Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, BCPP

Inner Child Process- for Health Practitioners

12 hour online training with Robin Grille, BA

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator (PPNE)

recognition as an approved APPPAH educator-113 hours- 1 year training

Trained DONA Doula

working on full certification through DONA

Childbirth Educator

working on full certification through CAPPA

The Matrona Certified Holistic Doula

30- hour training