Supporting the Energy of Birth and Transformation


“Birth is vast and multifaceted; radiant and mysterious. Birth contains multitudes, and through her we birth our multitudes. We give birth to our hopes and our fears, to our ecstasies and our agonies, to our joy and our disappointments. We give birth to our babies, each one perfect and radiant. We give birth through our instincts, and we give birth to our instincts. We give birth to our capacity for instincts, which will match us perfectly with our babies, who are, and always will be, instinctive creatures."

-Sarah Buckley, MD

After years of curious research, insightful trainings, college graduation, and profound life experiences, I am grateful to be connecting with you in these meaningful ways.  The services I provide are based strongly on prenatal and perinatal psychology, and the revolutionary belief that our birth stories profoundly impact our physical and mental well-being throughout life.

I will work hand-in-hand with you as you journey the path of motherhood.

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*All sessions can be tailored to your unique journey. Email [email protected] with questions. 

Aspiring Mommas

Women understanding their power and strength is at the base of all we will do together in our sessions. From learning new meditations to self-soothe during moments of stress, to discovering and healing hidden worries and child birth education, I will hold a supportive space for you to achieve your goals.


Supporting mommas, means that we are also supporting babies. I love to support mommas-leading up to childbirth. If you are looking for an empowered way forward in your journey this is the space for you. Pregnancy and birth are not a one size fits all. Transformation unfolds in a myriad of ways.


The time period following birth can be full of a myriad of emotions, sensations and new experiences. Perhaps you experienced moments of ecstasy as well as moments where birth didn't go as planned. In our time together, we work to bring coherence to you and your little one.