Sweetly Seeking: Living an Inspired Life

“Sarah Dickey’s visionary parlance is like a pathway. Sarah is impelled to walk into the heart of the mystery. She graciously wanders in a rich and nuanced world, at times with some hesitation, but always with an optimist’s certainty of discovering the treasure. . . . Sweetly Seeking is an invitation to glimpse into the spiritual garden where Sarah ‘lives the questions’ on the path to her own awakening.” –From the Foreword

If only for a brief time, what if you suspended the demands of your everyday life and let Sweetly Seeking take you to an unexplored place?
Every passage is presented with a kaleidoscope of stunning colors, stirring designs and thought provoking images that reinforce each message.
Sweetly Seeking has literally been a labor of love. My heart was soaring as the words poured out, as if being divinely guided.
Your own divine guidance can reveal itself too.

That’s the mission of Sweetly Seeking: to help you unlock your unique gifts, desires and zest for life.
There will be passages in this book, which, as you read them, you will feel that they are speaking directly to you.
Go with it. Let the words envelop you, knowing with full certainty that you are in a loving place with limitless potential.


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