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Masters of Education, Published Author, PPNE, Childbirth Educator, Calm Birth Meditation Teacher, Grief Recovery Specialist, 200hr. YTT, Transpersonal Coach, Ohio Wedding Officiant, Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotist

After years of curious research, insightful trainings, college graduation, and profound life experiences, I am grateful to be connecting with you in these meaningful ways.  The services I provide are based strongly on prenatal and perinatal psychology, and the revolutionary belief that our birth stories profoundly impact our physical and mental well-being throughout life.

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Personal Birth Empowerment Session

Have you ever wrestled with:

Chronic anxiety or depression?

Feelings of not being safe or resourced?

Feelings of overwhelm or being paralyzed?

In a birth empowerment session we begin to look at the beginning of our stories to make sense of our histories.  We glance back to the pre & perinatal period of human growth and development. It is during this time that we store memories in our Implicit Memory System.  Trauma expert Peter Levine has referenced this system as a system that records our sensations, emotions and behaviors from this wordless time of our development.

By unpacking our history with compassion, we are more resourced to show up in our present day lives. As we build the muscle of awareness we can begin to bring more of our attention into the present moment.  As I have discovered in my own work friends I can touch my history, without reanimating it in my present.

I invite you to reach out with any questions or curiosities.

Total Investment: One 60-minute session - $110

Heart-Centered Hypnosis

This deeply transformative work reveals the hidden beliefs we hold about ourselves and how they impact the way we show up in the world. Did you know that in our waking everyday life, we only use 10% of our brain?  The other 90% can be accessed during a hypnosis or trance state. It's here that our infinite resources and knowing reside.

Think of all the times we go into trance in our everyday life; our cell phones create trances, TV can be a trance, ever driven somewhere and you can't remember even getting there?  That's what hypnosis is like. It's like stepping down a level so that you can inhabit your inner knowing. From that space YOU get to see what was missed or needed. We create a space for you to feel empowered. You are like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, you had the magic all along, you just needed to create intentional space to know it for yourself.

Clients have reported a sense of “relief” from just one session.

*Can you imagine yourself in this scenario? You're deep in conversation with a loved one and your having a really intimate conversation and then all of a sudden you feel yourself shutting down and disappearing. You suddenly begin nodding your head in agreement, even though you don't agree.  All the while you can feel a flush of anger just beneath your cheeks and a fire in your belly. You feel shame for feeling this way, but you can't help it.  It's like a younger you is showing up that wasn't allowed to be angry or show anger in a healthy way.  It's like you're five years old again and you can see yourself in this freeze frame of your history...

Friends, these sessions are about collecting old parts of ourselves that have brilliantly fragmented off in an effort to keep our younger self safe. In these sessions we travel back to a younger version of ourselves and offer them what was missed, what we wished might have happened for ourselves. We can't change our history, but we can change our relationship to our history. And by doing so, we can more fully and freely show up in our present! So much compassion for our unique journey's.

First session will be booking via the Square app, the remaining sessions will be booked in person.

Total Investment:

90 Min Session:

Series of 3

(15% discount)

Series of 5

(20% discount)

Inner Child Journey

Have you become curious about your "inner child," the little one that lives within you? This little you has developmental needs that travel with you throughout your lifetime.

Needs such as:

  • To trust ourselves
  • To be held & comforted
  • To receive support- without demand
  • To be heard
  • To Form & voice our opinions
  • To receive instruction without shaming, and so many more.

Identifying these needs and the nutrient your little one longs for can be so healing, and can create more space for you to show up in your present day life.

The Inner Child Journey is just a click away.

Total Investment:

1 hour:

Series of 3

(15% discount)

Grief Recovery Session

Grief is defined as the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. While losses aren't comparable, the list would include death, and divorce as obvious painful losses, but our list also includes many other losses; retirement, moving, pet loss, pandemic loss, financial and health issues just to name a few.

Grief is individual and unique. However most of the information shared about grief within our society is not normal, natural or even helpful. GRIEF is the emotional response to loss, but most of the information we have learned about dealing with loss is intellectual.

The Grief Recovery Method helps to discover and complete undelivered communication in relationships.

Reach out if you are interested in more information. Individual and group sessions are available.

Sacred Wild Soul Sessions

Are you touching a deeper desire to be present in your life?

Are you looking to cultivate a more compassionate relationship within yourself?

Have you touched a deep well of longing in your heart?

Do you feel a wild call to awaken?

Are you looking to transition from routine to sacred ritual?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you would like to work together with me.  Throughout the journey of life, we pass through various stages of personhood in our womanhood.  If you long to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Divine Feminine, reach out. Together, we can create an eclectic Wild Soul Session to support your journey.

Total Investment: One 60-minute session - $110

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