Welcome friends. Please make yourselves at home!

One of my most beloved sources of inspiration is Mary Oliver. I draw upon her words as I welcome you to my new site: 

Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going.

Part of my vision is to help cultivate a space for you to embrace your inner longings, grow deepest desires and remember the brilliance of your unique light. I hope our work together will leave you feeling empowered and more connected in your life and relationships. Just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I believe that we have had the power all along.

In the hustle and bustle of living we sometimes arrive at a chapter in our personal narratives in which we require loving support to cheer us on. We need someone to hold sacred space for us to sort out the happenings of our lives. As a transpersonal empowerment coach, that is just what I do. My headquarters are in northeast Ohio, but because of the vast advances in technology and the pandemic, I am seeing clients throughout the US via Zoom. 

My platform arises out of a desire to serve. The practices that I share are practices that I embody and that have changed my life. They have helped me to shed layers of shame, create healthy boundaries, and as my dear teacher Ray Castellino taught me, “to create coherence in my history, so that I can live more of my life in the present moment.”

I have an eclectic toolbox from yoga philosophy to poetry, from hypnosis to meditation, from pre and perinatal work to inner child work, from Calm Birth Meditation techniques to grief offerings, from routine to rituals, the list goes on and on. My passions are vast and varied.

One of the multilayered lenses I work through is the lens of birth; a universal experience we all pass through. Making sense of your own entry into the world can be a very freeing experience. As I began my work as a pre and perinatal educator, I too began making sense of my implicit history so that I would be a more present vessel for clients. I am passionate in educating, advocating and offering teachings regarding the importance of an empowered birth experience for our mamas and babies.

If any of this work sparks your curiosity, I hope that you will reach out and ask questions. I look forward to creating community and supporting women from any age or stage of life.

As you imagine everything you can imagine, I hope you will feel a call to move forward through the spiritual, social, and inspirational landscape of our time. Planting seeds of new possibilities in your life. Touching opportunities that bring you joy. If you knew that you couldn’t fail, what would you imagine for yourself? 

May we all keep imagining!

Much Love friends,


Sarah Dickey

I am a transpersonal coach, heart-centered hypnotist, published author, and childbirth educator with a particular focus on prenatal and perinatal psychology. As your coach, I will work hand-in-hand with you to help you heal from past trauma, release the innate fears that hold you down, and become exactly who you were meant to be. Come, friend, and let's begin the process of healing and transformation.