My Vision

Hi Dear Friends. 

As I touch my vision for this site, I begin to imagine a future that is full of deeply nourished and supported women along the continuum of human growth and development. Women who are deeply aligned with their hearts and minds. Women who are accessing their potency. Women who are in touch with their creativity and feminine power. I imagine a world in which women welcome themselves, and profoundly tend to their inner life.

I am reminded of the resourcefulness of our ancestors—the community of women we are born from. I touch their joys and I also name their struggles in an effort to differentiate that these struggles don’t have to be my struggles. I cultivate compassion for the history of my ancestors.

I hope this site sparks your curiosity and wonder. I hope this platform offers you ways to empower yourself, to grow in your awarenesses and to thrive in your “One wild and precious life,” as named by Mary Oliver.

The spaces that we will work in together are deeply sacred. I am here, holding space for YOU to discover what might bring you greater clarity, or vaster expression in your life. In our session time together, we might move through hypnosis to explore outdated beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you. You might be a mama traveling through pregnancy and excited to add another layer of support to your journey, so perhaps you’ll be interested in Calm Birth Prenatal Mediation, or my labor and delivery Doula services coming late March 2021. Perhaps you have been trying to get pregnant or have experienced a miscarriage and are looking for support.  Or maybe you are a deeply feeling soul on her journey, longing to connect with your inner life and turn up the volume of your expression. This work is tailored to meet you right where you are.

I also offer education and workshops to organizations and teams that are directly involved with birth. The world of pre and perinatal psychology has been around since the 1960s and we are in the midst of some cutting-edge discoveries in regard to how we are welcoming babies and supporting mothers. If you are interested in growing your team’s awareness of this important discussion, I hope you will reach out. 

Friends, much of my work centers around a favorite quote by Carl Jung, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” I’m interested in holding space for you to make the unconscious conscious so that you can live out of intention and an awareness of the present rather than your habits and history.

Stay tuned friends. This feels like the beginning of a scrumptious adventure!

Much Love,


Sarah Dickey

I am a transpersonal coach, heart-centered hypnotist, published author, and childbirth educator with a particular focus on prenatal and perinatal psychology. As your coach, I will work hand-in-hand with you to help you heal from past trauma, release the innate fears that hold you down, and become exactly who you were meant to be. Come, friend, and let's begin the process of healing and transformation.