Calm Birth: Prenatal Meditation For Conscious Childbirth

“Calm” doesn’t mean passive; it means centered.  You can be centered in your breath and your body, and bring calm to any situation, even if things look chaotic.

In our sessions learn to:

Breathe energy.

Give birth in a way that is fulfilling, empowered and connected.

Heal the nervous system in preparation for giving birth.

During the final session, you will learn Calm Parent Practices that empower the parenting experience, heal the immune and nervous systems, and help you recover more quickly after giving birth.

An endorsement from a beautiful mama about this practice:

“Sarah is passionate about her career and was so helpful to me the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. I struggled with infertility for 11 years. To say I was anxious about the birth of my child would be an understatement. She empowered me and gave me tools to help relax and sleep better during the end of my pregnancy. We will forever be grateful for her kindness, compassion & knowledge.” EF

Total Investment: 1.5-hour Zoom sessions, once a week for 4 weeks – $325.00